Sandakpu – My Pilgrimage…

They say…that the Gods have walked in this land,
that this land is their abode on earth,
a place so close to their own hearts
that they have blessed the air with an infectious mirth.

Kalpokhari Man e

Here the hills inch their way up to the sky,
untouched by the insanity of mankind;
Time slows its gallop, and ‘down below’…
clouds play catch-up with your wandering mind.

Meandering Roads

You don’t live in the yesterday of regret
neither in the tomorrow of fear
you are alive at this very moment
facades unwind and your thoughts are clear

The wind whispering to you the joy
– of being who you are
The trees swaying with your spirit
– welcoming the stranger from afar.


Roads open up to your wanderings steps
as you walk the path trudged by few;
Slowly the day turns into dusk
bodies retire, but the night still has its celebration due

Road to Phalut

Soft moonlight caresses the countryside
and our nocturnal friends in the forest;
All join in the revelry
making celebration of life an everyday (and night) fest.

Sunset at Sandakphu

But its only when you glance up to the sky
that you realize that the heavens have joined in the party
a smiling moon and glittering stars
have decorated the dark canvas sprightly.

Dawn breaking through

I wonder aloud if it is for me – a stranger
they have come so close today?
“Nay”, whispers the wind,
“even the heavens here keep their discretions at bay”.

Sunset at Sandakpu

The next day I wake up wondering
if yesterday was a dream I dreamt
and if I am truly in this land
where the God’s have walked…and never left?

Window view from Sherpa Chalet

But I find that my friend, the wind,
is already tapping at my window
another day of discovery
and cosmic laughter he promises me to show!

Prayer flags in Phalut

* Years ago, it was here in Sandakpu, Darjeeling, that I first fell in love with trekking.  I’ve seen quite a bit of the grandeur of the Himalayas since then but lure of Sandakpu and the solace it offers to me in return is special. T’was my third trek here this Nov 2012 and I guess I will keep going back to this magical land.  I don’t think I’m a man of religion but I don’t mind places like Sandakpu turning me into a pilgrim. – Utsow.

15 responses to “Sandakpu – My Pilgrimage…

    • Sandakpu awaits you Stef. 🙂
      In the coming days will post details of the place in the travelogue that should help you plan out your trip to the lands where the Gods have walked 😉

  1. At time like this when my mind is blocked and heart is heavy, it’s such a sign relief….thank you! Som

    • O Som, glad that this post helped cheer you up.
      But don’t take life too seriously hai, remember we are not getting out of it alive anyways. 🙂

  2. amazing…feeling alive…incomparable feeling. Reading this writeup makes me feel as if I’ve almost been there.

  3. Remember making me read ‘The Pilgrimage’ 9 years ago? I heard you speak about your pilgrimage to Sandakpu, but I could not picturise much of it until I chanced upon this lovely description through words and pictures of your journey! Beautiful!

  4. Like this post….imagining the scenes with the words…its like living at the place….so i like it though…..kepp posting

  5. I read ur blog now when I myself felt this magical feeling after my trek .. Amazing are ur words, amazing is ur collection .. many more to go .. until then traverse and travel!!

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