A Ha! Goeche La…

Goeche La1

It’s strange….how empty we feel
when we catch a moment worth a steal
Emptiness, neither hollow nor void

Just a vacuum that transcends the long ride
Can emptiness be called happiness?
Or do we always need ‘vapors’ that impress?

A silence that’s so loud here
like the unspoken love of someone dear.

The white snow around us
Look so happy without any colors
The mountains that rise and kiss the sky
lack symmetry, yet so happy and high

Can nothingness ever make sense?
Or do we always need our adjective friends?
Our steps wander in isolation, so aimlessly
Footprints in the snow, sketched so carelessly

Goeche La 2

Etched in the canvas of the white snow,
careless wandering imprints, with no memories in tow
In the silence, I can hear them laugh
-my footprints and my walking staff

To join them in their revelry, they beckon
A celebration of freedom
from my stubborn quest,I reckon.

Loyal friends they have been
The good and the tough times,
together we have seen.

I smile and let them be
for my entangled mind is still not free
Caught in web of swirling thoughts
I’m yet to connect the significant dots.

Goeche La 3

In the abode of the Gods, I seek
an inheritance of the destiny…of a freak.
The emptiness is brimming over
but the truth is still under cover

The journey has culminated
This land is just as beautiful, as feted.
I am there…almost
If only I could steer this ship (battered) to the coast.
But clouds screen the horizon
Eerie silence spreads like an ocean

Is this what was meant to be?
forever a prisoner of this reticent destiny?
Or a breakaway fugitive trapped by clouds
like the curtain over the coast, it enshrouds
The stormy seas I have endured
A battered hull, a broken oar…yet I have steered
The coast is near….yet so far
the irony of it all, is just so bizarre

Goeche La 4

And then…Just Like That
My friend, the wind, breaks ‘the silence’ contract

He rouses, slowly at first
a few gulps…to quench his lingering thirst
Buzzing conversations with the stubborn clouds
I guess…clearing their final doubts

He winks at me and nudges
the mighty mountains and their grudges
His ferocity rattles (to the coast) my lost ship
Blowing testimonies of loyal friendship

Goeche La 5

The gate-keeper clouds scuttle for cover
unveiling its guarded treasure to this wanderer

The journey and the quest are both now over
Riches enough, for both the king and the joker

Silence, now shattered by the music of the universe
the perfect harmony, which I had seen them rehearse
The revelry spreads from the coast to the mainland
Throbbing vibrations in the soft white sand

Mystified, I walk around
But where is the princess of this heavenly ground?
“Oh! there she is..”
the Wind whispers, “How could u ever miss?”

Goeche La 6

Resplendent in white and beautiful as ever
Her just one glance is worth the entire endeavor
I finally get to hold the hand
Of the beauty of this mystical land

“What took you so long?
To reach the place where you belong’
Not quite the words to welcome the weary traveler
But it’s this playful spirit that endears her to many a lover
Even her greeting is an accuse
Ah! the teaser that she is, Kanchenjunga, my muse.

I don’t know if what she says is true
Of my belongings I don’t have a faintest clue
But as I embrace her and hold her tight
I know she is half right

Goeche La 7

Rooted to her beauty, will I be, till I die
but now I turn back and spread my wings to fly….

Back to the world
I may not quite belong
But armed with the peace of this journey
To find out the other half of the right (or the wrong ?)

Goeche La 8

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