One Thousand Portrait Projects: Portrait 3


The goat trail wound up the Shang valley and snaked its way past the green meadows, hugging the rivulets that chugged downhill happily as the autumn sun nudged the late-rising-countryside awake. By early afternoon, wisps of revolutionary clouds started rising up the horizon, as if in protest of the spreading warmth, and marched in tandem with us towards Shang Phu.

Fighting the creeping cold we were trudging our way towards the next campsite, still a few hours away, when we encountered a few domesticated yaks grazing by the sparsely vegetated countryside – a sign of rare human habitation in these tough living conditions. A short way up the hill the trail skirted around the bend and led us to an old, ramshackled shepherd hut. Assuming it to be an abandoned shelter we were ambling past its crumbling boundary wall, when out walked an angel to serve us just what a weary traveller needs . . .a hot cup of tea and a warm welcoming smile.


Enroute Shang to Shang Phu, Stok Kangri Trekking Trail.



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