One Thousand Portraits Project: Portrait 1

As a traveler there are times when we encounter certain moments that touches our core deep within. Moments that make emotions surge through our veins and settle in pockets close to our heart. Moments that we cherish for a long time (maybe even a lifetime). The emotions could range from elated joy to mind numbing sadness to even just a sense of wonderment. I guess these moments linger in our senses because it breathes life into us and at times makes us realize how beautiful and vast this life truly is and how insignificant we and our problems are in the larger scheme of this universe. These moments are fleeting and are difficult to grasp and hold on to but sometimes we are lucky to have locked them in a frame. So with this thought in mind I take my first step towards this project of One Thousand Portraits – a humble effort to freeze these moments in a frame.

Some may come with a story of a few words to highlight them and some. . .well as they say, some of these frames speak a thousand words by themselves.


In a 400 yr old mosque in Turkuk village, Ladakh. The last village that we can travel to in Kashmir before we touch upon the India-Pak LOC.


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